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Stress and Recovery- How To Optimize Your Health

When thinking about how to get healthier the first thing you might not think about is stressing out your body.  What most people don’t realize is that there is good stress, positive stress that pushes the body to a new, healthier level.  If you are trying to optimize your health, start a new diet, lose weight or boost your energy you have to stress the body in a different way to cause a change, there is no other way to do it.

Do you ever talk to your friends who eat the same thing every day, or do the exact same workout every day?  Notice, for the most part that these folks are kind of stuck in their health, in a way they have plateaued.  Believe it or not the body does not like to be static, to have chicken a broccoli everyday for lunch, to do the elliptical trainer at the gym every day.  To optimize your health you need to have a sound stress recovery plan that works.

While most people might feel like the above picture when they think of stress, stress actually takes your body out of it’s comfort zone so it can create something new or different.

Results are created by a cycle of stress and recovery, here are a few examples which might make more sense.

  1. I do a 10 minute kettle bell workout every morning, I go really hard for 1 minute (stress) and then I do low impact jumping jacks for 1 minute (recovery).  Every morning I pick 4 different kettle bell exercises to do so my body doesn’t get bored.  After one month of this my body has adapted to the stress and is now able to perform at a higher level.  So now I do a 15 minute workout in the morning, I pick my exercise and go hard for 1 minute (stress) and then I do my low impact jumping jacks for 45 seconds(recovery).  The important thing to note here is that your recovery phase always allows you to recover before starting the next stressful phase.  If you don’t recover than you do not go on to the next stressful phase.
  2. A grand master chess player is required to make very strategic decisions and calculations in their mind in order to stay one step or 10 steps ahead of their opponents.  The competition can be fierce (stress) so sometimes the grandmaster will take a 10 minute break (recovery) so they can clear their mind and make the right move.  Over the years this 10 minute break will turn into a 5 minute break, and then a 2 minute breaks to where the body and mind have enough time to recover and then make the right move on the chess board.

You see we all have the choice to not push ourselves, our body or our mind but that is where we become stuck.  Over thinking often times results in being overwhelmed and taking no action at all.  No action means no stress and no recovery which the body thinks is pretty boring.

Do you think the best marathon runners one day just decide they are going to go from no exercise to running a marathon?  Of course not, if you have never run a marathon perhaps it is better to start off running for one minute (stress) and then walking for one minute (recovery).  If you overdo the stress on your body than you will have no chance to recover, and this causes serious deterioration of health, moodiness, chronic fatigue, headaches and more.

I encourage you to pick 3 goals or projects that you want to achieve and use this stress recovery model to take action.  For example start a weight loss program to lose 10 pounds, write up a new business plan, start eating a gluten free/sugar free diet.  Remember this is a marathon not a sprint so don’t try to lose 10 pounds in 2 days(stress) and think your body will be happy with that (recovery)

If you would like to optimize your health, relationships, business or wealth it is very important to have a stress recovery strategy.  You can decide today to conquer your goals or projects by pushing your body to the limits and then allowing it to recover.  When I talk about pushing the body to the limits I mean this is the most natural, holistic way possible so if you are concerned about exercise and stress you may want to consult your medical doctor before implementing a stress recovery strategy.

Taking Action To Lose Weight, Today Not Tomorrow

When people think about improving their health, whether they realize it or not it is about improving how their body functions.  I know today most people think of being healthy as looking good and feeling good, but that is not the best indicator of optimal health.  What I mean by improving function is boosting the health of all cells, tissues, organs and glands of the body.  The best time to start functioning better is today, not tomorrow, without taking little actions every day you are going to see zero results.

For example a healthier pancreas allows you to regulate blood sugar better and have more energy, a healthy liver allows you to detoxify easier, a proper functioning thyroid gland helps balance out all the other hormones in the body.  So in reality all of the health improvement programs we engage in help to improve how the body is functioning so that you will look better, have more energy, digest food properly, get solid sleep, have hormonal balance, and heal and repair like we are supposed to.

So stop worrying about getting going or all of the challenges that might come your way, just do it.  Try one or all three of these things and see how your body responds, you have nothing to lose.  Take little actions today like cut your carbohydrates in half, drink half your body weight in ounces and do some intense exercise for 10 minutes.

What ever health challenge you are taking on there is a big emotional component that is rarely talked about.  The sooner you accept and embrace it the easier you will be able to lose weight, boost your energy, exercise or start a new diet.

So when is the perfect time to start improving your health or improving the function of your body.  There is no perfect time or perfect scenario to start a weight loss or exercise program, just take little steps today and stop putting it off until tomorrow.

Most American’s fail at weight loss because when it really comes down to it; they do not have the motivation or good enough reasons to do it.  This is why over 90% of weight loss programs fail, people can do it for a short time period and then they lose their excitement, or their reasons for losing fat are just not BIG enough.  Today you need to write down the MAJOR reasons that you want to lose fat or lose weight, do it today and not tomorrow.

For this exercise think about: What keeps you awake at night? How is your family dealing with you being unhealthy or overweight? Look at your health right now, if you don’t turn it around how do you think it will look in 3-5 years?

Now for a minute, imagine you were super healthy, sculpted body, energized, just kicking ass whatever you did each and every day. What would you be able now that you could not before?  Besides just having a goal to feel better, what life goals could you now achieve being a lean, mean, energized machine? Ie. quality family time, new job, more productive, retire and travel.  Write them down TODAY, not tomorrow.






Realize that without the emotional commitment, the diet modification, meditation and new exercise routine are not going to give you lasting results. You need to hear this first and foremost when getting involved in any kind of energy boosting weight loss program.  If you do not take this part seriously than you will most likely end up going from quick fix program to the next and newest quick fix weight loss program.  If you have gone down this unfortunate path, just know that you are not alone, millions of people every year fail at weight loss because their reasons to get healthier are not big enough and they lose emotional interest.  Get your “big picture” reasons written down today, do not put it off until tomorrow.

If there is one thing you learn from this article is to take action today, no matter how small or how insignificant it might seem… take action today!