Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset, So Treat It That Way

Today when you ask 100 people what their greatest assets are they most likely will mention their house, car, family, IRA, business, even jewelry, but not many think of health as an asset.

If health is your greatest asset, why is nobody thinking about it or investing in it like we would a business, an IRA, a house or a vacation property. My guess is because we take our health for granted, we stress out about how much money we make, about retiring, about being there for our family, all along just hoping that our health can keep up.  Many people are waiting for the perfect time or opportunity to get healthy but that never seems to come.

Think about how many things you can do or how many goals you can achieve if you have poor health?   How well can you engage with your family if you are tired and grouchy all of the time?  How productive can you be at work if you are sick often or have brain fog?  If you have constant digestive issues; is there any way that you can enjoy your day or even go out to eat with your family? What if you wake up with a migraine headache every day, are you going to feel up to heading to work or taking your kids to school?  The take home message here is that if you feel lousy and tired all of the time your only goal is to feel better; bigger goals are not even on your mind.

So let’s compare that with having optimal health, feeling energetic and full of vitality. If you are struggling with your health right now; take a moment and just picture yourself being super healthy and energetic, maybe even unstoppable.  Keep that picture in your mind, and now think of all of the things you could now do or new goals you could accomplish because of your new found health.  This shows you why health is your greatest asset; without good health your life is very limited.

If health is your greatest asset than it is important to know the definition of health, which is the optimal functioning of every cell, tissue and organ of the body along with the absence of disease. Notice that the definition of health does not include anything to do with looking or feeling good, but rather the overall function of the body.  This definitely confuses some people because in today’s world of feel bad, go to the doctor and get a medicine; if someone is not feeling bad they think they are healthy.  Unfortunately that message couldn’t be farther from the truth, the most serious chronic health conditions often times do not show any symptoms such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.  These are the most common preventable cause of death in America, one usually does not realize they are sick until years down the road.  How many friends do you know who can’t lose weight for years and then all of a sudden they are diagnosed with diabetes?  How many people do you know that went to the doctor for something else and they found cancer?  Do you know of friends or coworkers who seemed healthy, they exercised all of the time and all of a sudden they have a heart attack?

Health is your greatest asset and these are the top ways that you can invest in that asset:

  1. Eat real foods, get rid of all fast foods and processed foods
  2. Exercise using high intensity, low impact workouts, even 10 minutes per day does wonders.
  3. Meditate daily, this is a great way to de-stress and your body will thank you for it.
  4. Have a positive attitude, positivity brings about more optimal health. I am not saying to sweep serious things under the rug, but to have some sense of dealing with challenges coming your way.
  5. Have a healthy support group, when people experience love and support they are always healthier.

Think of your body as a private jet, you need to give it premium jet fuel to make sure it can do it’s job, not just an average job but an exceptional one. Start thinking about investing in your health as something fun and not something that you dread; you will see more significant health improvements with this attitude.

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