Elite Health


How many elite health programs out there today fail to give the results people are looking for?  When looking to improve your health what are the main things you are concerned about?  Do you know what to expect when taking on a new health restoration program, are you ready for that?

Over the last 16 years I have been researching and implementing almost every diet and exercise program known to man.  As an alternative healer I have seen thousands of clients come in struggling with all sort of symptoms, most commonly chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, neck pain, digestive issues, insomnia, obesity, sugar cravings and arthritis.  Out of thousands of clients, myself included, some key factors played a part in being successful and getting the intended results.

  1. Keeping realistic goals and being reminded of those goals on a daily basis.  Included in this is discovering the main reasons why you want to get healthy, ie travel, spend more quality time with family, get a promotion at work, run a marathon, finding a great spouse, looking great for a high school reunion, and being more engaged in life.
  2. These elite health programs must consist of modifying diet, high intensity low impact exercise and mental preparation including meditation and affirmations.
  3. Be monitored by a doctor- in order to track results, changes, new issues or improvements one needs feedback and guidance from a qualified alternative doctor.  Trying to monitor your own results and trying to give yourself unbiased feedback; well you can see how that never works.
  4. If nutritional supplements are a part of your elite health program you have to make sure you are taking the right ones.  Whole food supplements are by far better than synthetic vitamins; if you are taking vitamin supplements everyday you should make sure you are not wasting your money.
  5. Removing negative influences- we all know people who bring us down; this might be family members or friends and it is time to kick them to the curb.  Changing your health takes time, it takes 30 days to start a new habit so don’t expect adding a new diet, exercise and meditation to be a simple task.  There are many toxic stresses in your life including processed foods, smoking, alcohol, pesticides, coworkers and friends, start removing these from your life and you will see drastic changes to your energy, body and vitality.

All of this being said, starting an elite health program comes down to you taking 100% responsibility for your own health.  If you fail it is not because you are overwhelmed, when things get challenging it is way too easy to say ” I am overwhelmed”, give me a break.  Next time you feel overwhelmed at a single task just get it done, 90% of the time you will say to yourself, ” I guess it wasn’t that bad”.  This key point is brought up because no one wants to see anyone fail at something, especially when it comes to improving their health.

So you can think of elite health as the body functioning optimally from inside out.  Looking and feeling good is awesome but it is not the best indicator of good health.  If you are implementing the right elite protocols you will be getting healthier on the inside which will give you endless energy and vitality, this is how it is meant to be, you deserve to be healthy and energized.

The content on this site is for information purposes only. Results or testimonials for the programs we recommend can vary depending on the person, their health and their actions towards improving their health. In no way does this information replace recommendations from a doctor or any type of medication you are taking. We cannot be responsible for the health of the visitors that come to our site; we can only provide information to help educate them on what alternatives to medicine are being used and the results people are getting.