What Diabetics Need To Know That Doctors Are Not Telling Them

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise as it has been year after year for the past 25 years.  It begs the question of why mainstream medicine is unable to provide good options to support diabetics.  What diabetics need to know that doctors are not telling them is often brought up by more natural, alternative care doctors.  As a doctor of any kind, your responsibility is to provide the best care to the patient or client and if it gets to the point where the patient is not getting any better; they have a duty to refer the patient to someone else.  Keep in mind a diabetic patient who has been stuck in mainstreams medicine protocols of insulin and Metformin might not be interested in natural diabetic programs to get them healthier; however, at least the doctor should recommend them.

Unfortunately when you look at mainstream medicine and any chronic health condition, (diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, heart disease, and cancer), the patients concerns are not always top priority but money is.  If we had 25% less incidence of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer that would save billions of dollars every year in prescription medicine and treatment cost; yes that is billions, not millions.  The mainstream medical model is not a great option for diabetics because look at the health of all of the diabetics taking medicine for years; is there health any better, do they look healthy?  This just illustrates the point that taking insulin or metformin is not helping patients be any healthier, yes it help regulate blood sugar but that is about it.  This is why we see over 80% of type 2 diabetic still obese, still chronically tired, still having major health issues even know they have been taking medicine for years.

The only way to improve your health is to change your mindset, break away from the mainstream medicine trap; yes it truly is a trap if you think about it.  Ask you medical doctor or endocrinologist if their is anything natural you can do on your own and see what kind of answer they give you; are the doctors supportive? are they even interested?  You will see stories today, not many publicized, about type 2 diabetics who used to take two different kinds of insulin who no longer are taking any because they have changed their diet and lifestyle.  Know that there are lots of diabetics taking 100% control of their health on their own with diet modification, nutritional supplements and exercise.  What ever you do, do not give up hope; you deserve to be healthy and energetic so take that opportunity now to make that difference.

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